IAA: TimoCom's warehousing exchange helps avoid unused space

At additional stand the ambassadors for transport presented their image campaign


Düsseldorf / Hannover, 2012-09-28. At this year's IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hannover TimoCom, provider of the market leading European freight and vehicle exchange TC Truck&Cargo® and the tendering platform TC eBid®, pulled something new out of the hat: the largest warehousing exchange in Europe. Thanks to the web-based platform from now on companies can avoid unused space and react more quickly to bottlenecks. At a second stand the company took stock of the first 111 days of its "Die Transportbotschafter" ("The Ambassadors for Transport") campaign for greater acceptance and presented future projects.

Leading up to the largest European trade fair for transport and logistics TimoCom had created some excitement before the secret was then revealed at a press conference at the IAA. The Europe-wide exchange for warehousing and logistic space with up to 30,000 warehousing possibilities in 40 European countries helps reduce unused warehousing space and optimise capacity utilisation.

The simple and efficient way to find and offer warehousing space
The advantages of the warehousing exchange are particularly its size, the variety of Europe-wide offers and the simple search options. In the programme those searching for warehousing space can find unused warehousing and logistic space that meets their search criteria with only few clicks. In turn, those wanting to offer warehousing space can enter available space with all the relevant information in the exchange to increase the chances of getting in contact with those searching for warehousing space.

Ambassadors for transport take stock
The ambassadors for transport also headed off to Hannover on the TimoTruck. At their own stand in the outdoor area they presented the results of the first 111 days of their "Die Transportbotschafter" campaign for greater acceptance. They also announced some new projects in addition to existing promotions like "Hand in Hand durchs Land" [Hand in hand through the country] and "Leben ohne LKW" [Life without trucks]. Their aim for the future is to make the logistics industry more attractive to young people and raise awareness for the safety of young road users.

Find more information on the warehousing exchange, "Die Transportbotschafter" and TimoCom's products at www.timocom.co.uk and www.transportbotschafter.de.

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