Even more freight jobs with TimoCom

The Dusseldorf company is much more than just a freight exchange provider


TimoCom, provider of TC Truck&Cargo®, market leading European freight and vehicle exchange, has just released impressive new figures. They show that: everyone who wishes to operate in the transport business in Europe efficiently and successfully cannot afford to do so without TimoCom. They also show, however, that: TimoCom is not just a simple freight exchange, it also has a lot more to offer.

The unprecedented numbers show: up to 450,000 freight and vehicle exchange offers in TC Truck&Cargo® – every day! In this manner, TimoCom forges ahead into new dimensions while impressively fortifying its position as a key player among procurement platforms. "Naturally, we are very pleased to inform our customers of such a positive development regarding freight and vehicle offers in our exchange", stated gladly Marcel Frings, Chief Representative of TimoCom. He continued, "We consider this growth to be the result of efforts and innovations that we have undertaken in relation to our additional products. In this manner, we have also been able to expand our customer base across all of Europe." TimoCom has also broken a new record. 100,000 users are making sure that the exchange buzzes – and not just that.

Additional features at TimoCom are often free of charge
If one looks beyond the boundaries of the freight exchange and takes a look at the other TimoCom offerings, it becomes evident that the company has become a full service supplier for the entire transportation industry. This starts with the ever popular TC Truck&Cargo®. Since September 2012 it has integrated a free warehousing exchange in which storage and logistics facilities can be quickly offered and located.
But this is not all: overall, TimoCom offers three products, to which diverse applications can be added, that are available to customers free of charge, as well as numerous service offerings. These additional offerings are precisely what make day-to-day business routines markedly easier.
The newest development is TC eMap®, the powerful calculation and tracking solution. Thus, TimoCom is not just the only transport exchange provider that offers a manufacturer-independent tracking platform. With TC eMap®, customers also have a route calculation tool at their disposal. Thanks to our collaboration with Nokia, it includes the most comprehensive map material on the market, including satellite and current traffic data.
The transport tendering platform TC eBid® has been around for 4 years and is firmly established on the market. Here, you can find everything relating to long-term and routine transports. In total, more than 20,000 tenders have already been placed in TC eBid®.

People and IT service component
In order to satisfy the continuously increasing IT requirements, the company prefers to make plans generously and far in advance. For good reason: "We are very much aware of our responsibility towards transport and logistics companies in Europe. If TimoCom's procurement platforms ever became inaccessible, this would spell disaster not only for our clients, but also for us. Therefore, our continuous investments in this area are always worthwhile. In the last twelve months, our products were available 99.56% of the time, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day – and this figure already includes planned downtimes for maintenance work!" explained Frings.
Not only the data lines, servers and programmes have felt the markedly increased offers and users generated by TimoCom. The Customer Care team has also welcomed new employees to help offer the best personal care to customers and to help out with all queries and/or problems. Rightly so, since the 54 customer hotline employees in Germany, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic respond to more than 2,000 calls daily. This adds up to more than 40,000 calls per month.
TimoCom is thus producing impressive figures overall that should please all customers. They demonstrate that the company continues to be an ever-growing and reliable partner in the business process. In this manner, the final value is truly no longer a surprise: in the most current survey, 94.3% of customers stated that they are fully and completely satisfied with TimoCom.

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